Among the most essential aspects of your company, is your brand name. It can be the difference between instantaneous recognition and getting lost amongst your competitors. So it might be a time for a rebrand.

Many organisations determine their branding when they first start out. However they never really take the time to consider whether that brand name is still working for them.

Almost all well-known brands have refreshed their branding eventually. Even Google, with its recognisable typeface and colour scheme, has actually altered its logo lots of times.

Google Rebrand

Here’s how to choose if it’s time for a rebrand:

Your brand does not reflect who you are or what you do as a company.

Change like this can be natural! In some cases your services or products might develop. Other times it simply does not feel right. Or you just want a make over to your business. It’s okay to let that old brand go!

You’re ashamed of your business card or site.

In the early days, lots of services self-designed or paid for a design template logo. While these can be great to get started, at some point you might want to grow out of it. Especially if when you look at it you wince a little.

Your clients are confused by your branding.

Because they have cultivated substantial brand name acknowledgment over decades, McDonald’s can get away with simply having a huge M as their logo design. If your consumers can’t determine who you are or what you do from your branding, it might be time to get that fixed!

Your geographical place of business has altered.

If your branding includes your area and you expand beyond that area, you are possibly restricting yourself from getting brand-new consumers in those new locations. A business with Australia in its title may have a hard time to get consumers in New Zealand, for example, if they don’t alter their name to show their new market.

You don’t stick out from your competition or your competitors are all rebranding.

If your branding resembles everyone else’s in your market or it’s just a bit dull, you need to think about a rebrand. Potential customers make decision in a few seconds, so standing out is important to drumming up brand-new business.

You are trying to reach a brand-new market.

It’s time to refresh if you’re attempting to bring in a different market than you did originally! What might attract a 25-year old male is not likely to interest a 50+ year old woman. Understanding your market and reflecting them in your branding is important.

If you’ve decided it’s time for a rebrand but you’re not exactly sure how to go about it, talk to me, your graphic designer about your options. A good designer knows the ideal questions to inquire about what your objectives are with your rebrand and can provide you with a variety of options that match those goals.

Don’t let tired branding harm your organisation.