While big businesses typically invest great deals of money and time establishing logos, you’ll hardly ever find a blogger who dedicates enough energy to logo design. This is regrettable, as the best logo design communicates value and enables you to get in touch with your readers. If you have never created a logo for your blog, or you don’t like the one you’re presently working with, then use the suggestions in this post to get started.

As a blog writer, you should look at your blog as a company or extension of your company. While you may not have workers, and even a standard office, you require to treat your blog site as a big brand. One element of treating your blog like an organisation implies designing a compelling logo, which is the graph of every business.

Therefore, your logo design says a lot about your blog. It sets expectations, guides emotional responses, and tells readers what they can anticipate discovering in your posts and short articles. Whether you realise it or not, your logo is a direct reflection of your blog’s quality and value.

5 Tips for Stellar Logo Design

While you may understand the significance of having a unique logo design for your blog, a lot of blog writers have problems with how to create one. Well, when dealing with your designer, keep the following pointers in mind and do not be afraid of supplying input at each step of the method.

Colour Scheme

Firstly, select the ideal colours. The first thing to consider is the colour scheme. While some people put this off up until the end, colour needs to act as the structure for each layer of your logo. For example, red is energetic and bold, while blue is relaxing and reliable. Orange is innovative and youthful, whereas white is simple and tidy. Hang out considering which colours best represent your blog site’s message.

Logo Design Fonts

Secondly, think about fonts. The font style you use in the logo design states a lot about your blog site. Is it expert or vibrant? Are the letters little or large? Can you find the font style in Microsoft Word, or is it completely distinct? Work with your designer to find or produce a font style that’s a sign of your blog’s idealogy.

Graphics & Shapes

Thirdly, shapes often speak louder than words. Circles represent community and unity, squares associate to stabilize and security, and triangles are related to strength and power.

White/Negative Space

Fourthly, utilize white space. One of the secrets to designing a successful logo is learning to state more with less. This means leveraging white area and making the most out of the area you’re provided. One fantastic example of taking full advantage of white space can be discovered in the FedEx logo, which forms an arrow between the “E” and “X.” It’s concealed messages like these that enable a logo design to stand apart.


Finally icons. In today’s day and age, you can’t simply develop one easy logo and walk away. If you truly desire to grow your blog site into a brand, you have to consider the fact that your logo might eventually be transformed into a mobile app icon. By keeping this in mind on the front end, you can ensure that the shift from a standard logo to an icon is simple.

Let’s Get Started on Your Logo Design

Creating a logo for your site should not be a source of anxiety. In fact, designing a logo should be engaging and energising. It’s an opportunity for you to capture what your blog stands for in a short, engaging image that will connect with readers and express certain beliefs and feelings. With that out of the way, it’s time to get started!

If you are struggling to come up with your own design, never fear! I have years of experience designing logos and would be glad to help! Feel free to reach out if you’d like help designing or if you’d just like a few pointers.