In the last few years I have started trying out a few new hobbies. Some of this has been because I’ve been cooped up at home. But one of my favourite things to do is starting new art projects. I love trying new mediums and types of art. And that’s how I came across collage.

To me collaging wasn’t just about glueing some pieces of paper to a piece of art board. To me, it is also about the whole process. For me the process starts like this:

Find Your Media

I love this step. Firstly, you need to go out to some local op shops or thrift stores and find some magazines or old posters. If you’re looking for a day out in Melbourne, check out that paper joint. Although I haven’t been yet, I love their instagram and definitely want to go next time I’m in Vic.

Find the Gold

Secondly, you get to flip through all the magazines you’ve just bought and try and find some gems. This is where you try and find the perfect cutouts that you can use.

Composite & Collage

I love being able to take all these cut outs and try and figure out what works well as an image. What can I use for this piece and what should I save for something else? Sometimes you find something that you just know you have to use but can’t figure out how!

History Lesson

Collage became a part of Modern art in the early 20th century. The word collage comes from the French word coller, which indicates to glue.

Collage art is unique due to the fact that you take already existing materials and organize them into a brand-new art form.

Collage is everything about experimenting with colors and products and images, gluing them down and seeing what happens next.

The best part is- there is no chance to slip up. If you don’t like what you glued down, merely glue over it, peel it off or perhaps paint over it.

Collage is ideal for individuals who say, “I can’t draw.” It levels the playing field. All it requires is scissors, glue and papers.

Why do I like collage so goddamn much?

Collage can be simple or complicated.
Collage can inform an intentional story OR and unintended one.
New connections are made when unrelated images are assembled.
It is fantastic for generating ideas and when you make one collage, you will frequently get a concept for your next artwork.

Collage is a great method to have fun with shapes, textures and colors. What colors go well together? The number of various tones of blue can I discover.
It is lots of fun!