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Supporting Australia’s Best Shapewear

Supporting Australia’s Best Shapewear

Hey there everyone. This month, I’ve decided to do something a little different and instead, I’m going to focus on supporting local businesses in my blog posts. As a graphic designer, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of different businesses over the years. But today, I want to take a moment to talk about one that really stands out. That business is La Sculpte, and I’m here to tell you why they’re Australia’s best shapewear company.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: “How can a graphic designer have any expertise in shapewear?” But hear me out. As a designer, I appreciate good design in all its forms, and La Sculpte’s products are designed with both form and function in mind. They look good and they work even better.

Australian Owned

But what really sets La Sculpte apart is that they’re an Australian-owned business. In a world where so many companies are outsourcing production overseas, it’s refreshing to see a business that is committed to keeping its operations here in Australia. By doing so, they’re not only providing jobs and boosting the economy, they’re also ensuring that their products are made to the highest quality standards.

You see, when a company is Australian-owned, they have more control over the production process. They can oversee every step, from design to manufacture to distribution. And because they’re based here in Australia, they’re more responsive to the needs and wants of their customers. They can make changes quickly and easily to meet those needs, and they can provide excellent customer service because they’re right here on the ground.

That’s why La Sculpte is the best shapewear company in Australia. Not only are they producing high-quality products, but they’re doing so in a way that benefits the economy and the people who live here. They’re not just taking advantage of the Australian market, they’re contributing to it.

The Best Quality

So, what makes La Sculpte’s shapewear so special? Well, for starters, they’re made from top-quality materials that are both comfortable and supportive. They’re designed to be worn all day, every day, and they’re built to last. They’re also available in a range of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your body type.

But perhaps most importantly, La Sculpte’s shapewear is designed with real women in mind. They understand that everybody is different, and they’ve taken that into account when designing their products. Whether you’re looking for a shaping camisole or a high-waisted pair of leggings, La Sculpte has something that will work for you.

So, if you’re looking for a shapewear company that is committed to quality, comfort, and the Australian economy, look no further than La Sculpte. I know that’s who I’ll be choosing the next time I’m in the market for some shapewear.

In conclusion, I’d like to encourage all of you to support Australian-owned businesses like La Sculpte. By doing so, you’re not just investing in a product, you’re investing in the future of our economy and our country. So go ahead, give La Sculpte a try – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for reading! And be sure to check out my other posts.

A Quick Post on Colour

A Quick Post on Colour

This week I spend almost 4 days designing a new logo for a client. After a lot of back and forth we decided to go for a green logo. There’s a lot of reasons to pick certain colours for certain business types but in their case, green just worked.

I want to give this post the proper attention it deserves but quickly here’s my Friday afternoon thoughts on what makes a good logo colour:

  1. Green

Green is the colour that represents nature and life. This colour can represent your business or brand in a positive way. Green is associated with health, wealth, prosperity, and success.

  1. Blue

Blue is calming. It has been proven that blue light helps people sleep better at night. Blue is often used to represent trustworthiness.

  1. Pink

Pink is the colour of passion and energy. When combined with green, Pink creates a strong contrast. Pink is often used to represent power, love, and excitement.

What makes a reliable collection of instructions?

Instructions have to be among one of the most fascinating forms of composing since they are so difficult to do well and we get it incorrect so frequently.

TBH this is not the last you’ll hear from me about instructions since there are many varieties – think dishes, IKEA furniture construction, getting your AirBNB keys (always a stressful experience). However today let’s talk more generally concerning what makes an efficient collection of instructions and also why it’s so dang difficult to get there.

My pop can’t use chopsticks similarly a bird could not use a VR headset. It’s simply beyond his understanding of the universe and his own mind. The minute we go through the door of any type of establishment that may give him chopsticks, he draws a passing team member near and requests for a fork. And also in the not likely occasion that he could not find a fork for himself, discussing just how to use chopsticks with these ☝ instructions may push him over the edge.

These directions certainly stink – they do not aid my pop get his meal in his mouth. Non-stinky instructions work when they’re undetectable and also the customer breezes with the procedures without any niggling worry they have actually got it incorrect. Here’s what you require to concentrate on when composing instructions:

Quality. Directions should use basic and also precise language.

Subtlety. The writer needs to have a technological understanding of the process.

Compassion. Creating guidelines needs you to put yourself in the place of the reader and comprehend what they understand. Think about just how they analyse words, as well as what they require to hear to confidently accomplish the process.

Active voice. Making use of easy voice can get incredibly confusing in a user’s manual. As an example, “The cleaning equipment needs to be set to 30 degrees.” Establish by whom? By me? Is it automatically set that way and you’re just telling me?

Formatting. Formatting is crucial for embedding contextual info in guidelines. For instance, if you use a numbered checklist, it should be a dependent series that goes in a defined order. A bullet checklist, nevertheless, can suggest all items are of equal value and also perplex the viewers.

TL; DR? When composing a set of guidelines, imagine my pop attempting to make use of chopsticks, and make your directions clearer based on that.

Collage is My New Favourite Hobby

Collage is My New Favourite Hobby

In the last few years I have started trying out a few new hobbies. Some of this has been because I’ve been cooped up at home. But one of my favourite things to do is starting new art projects. I love trying new mediums and types of art. And that’s how I came across collage.

To me collaging wasn’t just about glueing some pieces of paper to a piece of art board. To me, it is also about the whole process. For me the process starts like this:

Find Your Media

I love this step. Firstly, you need to go out to some local op shops or thrift stores and find some magazines or old posters. If you’re looking for a day out in Melbourne, check out that paper joint. Although I haven’t been yet, I love their instagram and definitely want to go next time I’m in Vic.

Find the Gold

Secondly, you get to flip through all the magazines you’ve just bought and try and find some gems. This is where you try and find the perfect cutouts that you can use.

Composite & Collage

I love being able to take all these cut outs and try and figure out what works well as an image. What can I use for this piece and what should I save for something else? Sometimes you find something that you just know you have to use but can’t figure out how!

History Lesson

Collage became a part of Modern art in the early 20th century. The word collage comes from the French word coller, which indicates to glue.

Collage art is unique due to the fact that you take already existing materials and organize them into a brand-new art form.

Collage is everything about experimenting with colors and products and images, gluing them down and seeing what happens next.

The best part is- there is no chance to slip up. If you don’t like what you glued down, merely glue over it, peel it off or perhaps paint over it.

Collage is ideal for individuals who say, “I can’t draw.” It levels the playing field. All it requires is scissors, glue and papers.

Why do I like collage so goddamn much?

Collage can be simple or complicated.
Collage can inform an intentional story OR and unintended one.
New connections are made when unrelated images are assembled.
It is fantastic for generating ideas and when you make one collage, you will frequently get a concept for your next artwork.

Collage is a great method to have fun with shapes, textures and colors. What colors go well together? The number of various tones of blue can I discover.
It is lots of fun!

Logo Design for Your Business Blog

Logo Design for Your Business Blog

While big businesses typically invest great deals of money and time establishing logos, you’ll hardly ever find a blogger who dedicates enough energy to logo design. This is regrettable, as the best logo design communicates value and enables you to get in touch with your readers. If you have never created a logo for your blog, or you don’t like the one you’re presently working with, then use the suggestions in this post to get started.

As a blog writer, you should look at your blog as a company or extension of your company. While you may not have workers, and even a standard office, you require to treat your blog site as a big brand. One element of treating your blog like an organisation implies designing a compelling logo, which is the graph of every business.

Therefore, your logo design says a lot about your blog. It sets expectations, guides emotional responses, and tells readers what they can anticipate discovering in your posts and short articles. Whether you realise it or not, your logo is a direct reflection of your blog’s quality and value.

5 Tips for Stellar Logo Design

While you may understand the significance of having a unique logo design for your blog, a lot of blog writers have problems with how to create one. Well, when dealing with your designer, keep the following pointers in mind and do not be afraid of supplying input at each step of the method.

Colour Scheme

Firstly, select the ideal colours. The first thing to consider is the colour scheme. While some people put this off up until the end, colour needs to act as the structure for each layer of your logo. For example, red is energetic and bold, while blue is relaxing and reliable. Orange is innovative and youthful, whereas white is simple and tidy. Hang out considering which colours best represent your blog site’s message.

Logo Design Fonts

Secondly, think about fonts. The font style you use in the logo design states a lot about your blog site. Is it expert or vibrant? Are the letters little or large? Can you find the font style in Microsoft Word, or is it completely distinct? Work with your designer to find or produce a font style that’s a sign of your blog’s idealogy.

Graphics & Shapes

Thirdly, shapes often speak louder than words. Circles represent community and unity, squares associate to stabilize and security, and triangles are related to strength and power.

White/Negative Space

Fourthly, utilize white space. One of the secrets to designing a successful logo is learning to state more with less. This means leveraging white area and making the most out of the area you’re provided. One fantastic example of taking full advantage of white space can be discovered in the FedEx logo, which forms an arrow between the “E” and “X.” It’s concealed messages like these that enable a logo design to stand apart.


Finally icons. In today’s day and age, you can’t simply develop one easy logo and walk away. If you truly desire to grow your blog site into a brand, you have to consider the fact that your logo might eventually be transformed into a mobile app icon. By keeping this in mind on the front end, you can ensure that the shift from a standard logo to an icon is simple.

Let’s Get Started on Your Logo Design

Creating a logo for your site should not be a source of anxiety. In fact, designing a logo should be engaging and energising. It’s an opportunity for you to capture what your blog stands for in a short, engaging image that will connect with readers and express certain beliefs and feelings. With that out of the way, it’s time to get started!

If you are struggling to come up with your own design, never fear! I have years of experience designing logos and would be glad to help! Feel free to reach out if you’d like help designing or if you’d just like a few pointers.

How Do I Start My Illustration Career?

How Do I Start My Illustration Career?

An illustration career does not just involve drawing nice things, you need to be able to promote yourself, manage social networks accounts, contact art directors, tape-record your earnings and expenditures, submit an income tax return, preserve your website routinely, compose agreements, make sure you actually earn money… the to-do list goes on. It’s usually things you don’t get taught by your tutors. You just need to figure it out as you go along.

How I Started My Illustration Career

I don’t declare to know whatever, I’m not an experienced pro. Absolutely no chance, I’m still figuring some things out. However if I can assist one person not make one of the agonising errors I have made, then we’re excellent. Below are some quick points to get going, we’ll cover them in more detail as my blog goes on. (Also, please do feel free to leave comments if you have some pointers yourself. Or reach out to me if there’s a particular topic you wish to see).

1. Think of what sort of work you’d like to do

You want to start your illustration career, so you try and find something that pays. Most people I know begin off in editorial illustration. You’ll find that editorial illustration is normally the most affordable paid with the quickest turnaround times. Areas such as product packaging and advertising generally come with larger spending plans. Although to be fair, no one gets into illustration for the money!

2. Get illustrating

Right, so you’ve now figured out where you want your work to be seen. So now it’s time to make some work. Do not just draw any old thing and slap it in your portfolio. Focus and produce the work you wish to be commissioned for. If there’s nothing similar in there don’t expect an art director to look at your portfolio and believe you’re ideal for a kid’s book. I keep a list on my notice board of personal briefs associated with work I want to do and I make the time to work my method through it.

3. Create a portfolio site

Now you’ve got some new work behind you, it’s time to reveal it off on your site. You do not require anything flashy, just let the work speak for itself. Make sure you get yourself a custom domain name. I picked my domain based on my own interests.

4. Set your organisation up

I can promote Aussie artists on this matter. Become a sole trader as quickly as you can. This will be extremely helpful to get done early on. Don’t wait for documents to be approved when you secure a client. You can do it online here. Oh and definitely keep any emails they send you. I forgot to and it ended up biting me later on.

5. Share your deal with social media

A great deal of my work and site traffic has come through Twitter so it pays to flaunt in some cases. Make good friends with other illustrators in the market. Get involved in conversations. Maximise your visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. And don’t simply show your final pieces, remember to take pictures or videos of the whole process! I like to video myself because it also helps me identify areas for improvement.

6. Start hustling

How do you get the real work? Research study magazines, publishers and studios that commission work similar to yours. I find even Instagram companies are useful.

7. Make buddies with other illustrators

Illustration is a lonely profession and you’ll require like-minded people around you to keep sane and help you out in tough times. Be great to other people, appreciate their work and share it without expecting anything back and you’ll get off to a good start making new friendships.

8. Get organised

When you get into the swing of things, there’ll be so numerous things you need to do. There are a lot of planning and organisation tools out there, do a bit of research study and discover which one works best for you.

9. Do not be in a rush to drop your day job for a potential illustration career

Being a successful illustrator is a long game, it’s not going to exercise overnight. So you’ll require some stability and some routine cash being available.

10. Attempt not to work for free or exposure or as a favour

I state “attempt not to” since I have actually done it before. Three times in total. Firstly, for a regional publication when I had no portfolio. Secondly I worked twice for small non-for-profits. For me, this was great due to the fact that I wasn’t being exploited and I enjoyed donating my time.

If everybody gets paid however you, don’t even lose time on these individuals, erase that email and make your own direct exposure. If you’re going to work for free, do it for yourself.

Specification work is where a client asks to see some concepts or finished work to win the task. A dream client that I had actually been dying to work with contacted me previously in the year to pitch for some work for an occasion they were doing. A huge fancy pants firm might be great with doing that, but I’m just one person, that’s a lot of my time taken up working for free.

Brand Identity. Does Your Business Need One?

Brand Identity. Does Your Business Need One?

Lots of small businesses feel that having a brand identity is not required to effectively market their service or products. Some believe it is something only big businesses require. So you might invest in a logo design, great. But a brand identity is so much more than simply the visual impression of your organisation.

Even if you don’t have a logo design, you still have branding

Branding has to do with the impression you make. It’s what is unique about your service and how you get in touch with your target market. It includes your company name. It includes what clients state about your business when asked. And it includes what it is like to do company with you.

Only a couple of small businesses really understand what brand name identity is. Or even why it is crucial to their general marketing technique. There are lots of benefits of a strong brand name identity and small companies must make the most of developing a brand identity that creates presence and trust. Especially when trying to attract brand-new consumers by means of internet marketing activities.

What is a brand identity?

Your brand name is the perception the world has of your organization and communicates your character and worth. It likewise extremely influences your potential customers’ opinion of who you are and whether they want to work with you. A brand:

  • Is everything you are, the worth you provide and the total customer experience. Every image you forecast requires to regularly show the character of your company.
  • Reflects your business’s pledge, message and values. Your identity ought to follow, and enhance, your purpose and your core message to your customers.
  • Communicates the expectations and guarantees that you encompass your customers in regards to quality, credibility, service and dependability, shaping their understanding of you and your company.
  • Assists the audience differentiate you from your competitors, favourably affecting their decision to hire you.

An excellent brand interacts plainly, artistically and creates trustworthiness. It allows you to provide customers with an image that can evoke feelings about your company, having a powerful impact on whether somebody wants to work with you.

  • Say somebody looks at your organisation site, card or marketing piece, what does your image do?
  • Does this image reflect your service’s character and worth?
  • Is it consistent throughout every aspect of your company– from your materials to your mindsets, to the way you respond to the phone, to the way you perform yourself in public?

How do you determine your brand name identity?

If you have never ever thought of your brand name and just let it happen, it would be beneficial to spend some time to identify what your brand name projects and whether it is consistent with your values. Ask customers the first words or images that pertain to their minds when your organization is pointed out.

  • If they respond with words that fit your business and your brand name, great! Your brand has actually been developed and you can now take it to the next level.
  • If reactions are inconsistent, uncertain, that’s not good. It is an indicator of a weak brand name image.

Identify what it needs to focus on and be on marketing efforts that help build awareness around your brand if you have a weak brand Here is an extensive guide to branding that might assist you if you need assistance establishing a brand for your organisation.

Most importantly, remember that your brand is developed through a whole consumer experience and needs to be strengthened regularly. This can be done through your website, social media profiles, sales tools, promotional products, customer care, messages and other elements of doing business with you.

Evolve your brand

If you have established an excellent brand, it should continue to evolve with your service. As your business matures, so should your brand name. Therefore, keeping it fresh assists your business continue to pertain to your clients.

Evolving your brand does not imply altering your brand but rather rejuvenating, updating, or clarifying the image you utilize so it aligns with your mission and values as a business. If you have had the very same logo design for numerous years, talk with a designer to see if you can upgrade its look without altering the total image it predicts.

Work on reinforcing it if your brand name is weak. Review your web presence and work to develop a strong online presence to drive more competent traffic to your service.

  • Update your social media profiles. Consistency of the brand across all platforms constructs credibility and trust. Inconsistent profiles, images and messages results in confusion and compromise your brand name.
  • Acquire social evidence. Motivate online reviews from delighted customers to assist in projecting the quality and value you provide. No reviews or testimonials raises questions about your capability to provide.
  • Engage with your target consumer through content. Customers are investigating services long prior to contacting vendors. Offering highly-informative content will increase the competence related to your brand.

Small companies are under the microscopic lens due to all the direct exposure that can be quickly attained by effective internet marketing. Build a strong brand name identity by ensuring you constantly underpromise and over provide. You can attain those positive evaluations that can move your business to enormous success.

Next Steps

Now that you have had time to think about where you want to take your brand, you’ll need someone who can execute that design. Someone who can take your vision of what you want your business’s brand, voice and look to be and deliver it to you with a logo and theme.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let me know how I can help and I’ll be happy to work with you to get you something you love!

Improve Your Handwriting with These 6 Steps

Improve Your Handwriting with These 6 Steps

You like the thought of hand lettering and calligraphy. However, if your penmanship is awkward, how do you spruce up and improve your handwriting so that you can produce hand lettering art you’re proud of?

You’re definitely not alone in the bad handwriting category. Many individuals struggle with their penmanship and want to spruce up their handwriting as an adult. The great news? You can practice and enhance your handwriting starting today.

In this post, we’ll explore 6 actions to improve your handwriting as an adult, consisting of:

  1. Analyzing Your Handwriting
  2. Composing More
  3. Focusing on Consistency
  4. Experimenting with Writing Utensils
  5. Teaching Yourself Calligraphy
  6. Practicing (a LOT)

Why Do You Want to Improve Your Handwriting as an Adult

Possibly you’re looking to monetize your hand lettering hobby, or perhaps you just want to have the ability to send out a handwritten thank you note that appears like it was written by an adult.

If your handwriting is illegible or looks like a 5-year old did it, you may even be experiencing judgment from colleagues.

Improving your handwriting will not just make your composing clear, it will likewise cause self-confidence in your work. As a result, you’ll also be taken more seriously.

And if you’re on this site, chances are you might want to improve your coordination so you can use your penmanship to:

Improving your handwriting does take LOTS of practice, specifically focused practice. Most significantly, you will require to slow down– even the very best hand letterers and calligraphers take their time when working on their craft!

Step 1: Analyze Your Handwriting

Before you can improve your handwriting, you are initially required to do a complete audit of your writing. Sounds boring, right? But it’s actually quite interesting!

Compose a paragraph or two on paper by copying some text out of a book or from your phone. The more you write, the more you’ll have the ability to see patterns (bad and good). Take your time, however, also attempt to compose at your regular rate. Sometimes your pen strokes change when you write faster and you might take shortcuts that you want to fix.

Once you’re done, you can start to examine some features of your composing that you wish to improve:

  • Spacing: Spacing in between letters need to correspond, and spacing in between words need to also match up!
  • Slant: Does the slant of your letters match, or is it all over the location, tilting left and then tilting?
  • Style: Are your letters formed the same or does your style go all over the place?
  • Height of letters: The heights of the lower case letters ought to all compare and exactly the same with upper case letters.
  • Consistent baseline for letters: Do your words line up on the bottom, or does it bounce around and go astray?
  • Closing counters: I’m absolutely guilty of this one … when hurrying, do you leave your O’s or A’s or comparable letters open?
  • Dotting your i’s: Do you dot your i’s? Do you cross your T’s?

Step 2: Enhance Your Handwriting by Writing More

Our hand muscles for drawing and writing are going unused! If you don’t have a regular practice, you’re going to have a harder time writing neatly.

Taking 10-15 minutes every day to compose nicely and gradually can greatly improve your handwriting. Arrange time into your calendar to write a page or 2 (like right after a meal or when you awaken). Compose as nicely as you can, about anything. Perhaps even kill two birds with one stone by keeping a day-to-day handwritten journal.

I personally have actually handled to vastly enhance my handwriting as an adult by journaling and keeping in mind on my iPad Pro.

Step 3: Focus on Consistency to Spruce up Your Handwriting

Consistency is essential. No matter what design you practice of your own handwriting, whether it’s cursive or not, you want to find a set of letter styles that you like to compose and that look good together.

Practice with varying slopes and angles, heights of your letters, the roundness of letters, etc. When you begin to see a design pattern in your handwriting, practice the very same letter over and over again (actually fill one page with a’s and then the next with b’s) up until you start to feel comfortable.

For slants, you can even produce your own angled calligraphy guide and location it under your paper to practice.

Step 4: Try out Pens and Writing Utensils to Make the Most of Your Handwriting Improvement

There are apparently numerous brand names and types of pens and composing utensils readily available. It depends on you to find the style of pen that works best for the level of control, line choice, pressure, and density you prefer.

For example, some gel pens are too slippery and move too quickly. An extremely great pen might not work for somebody with a heavy hand. More affordable ballpoint pens may be clumpy and untidy.

For standard handwriting, I choose fine felt tip markers over any other kind of writing utensil since they offer more friction on the paper and help me slow down. You can even practice with an old fashioned # 2 pencil in order to help you decrease to improve your handwriting.

Recently, my favourite pens for gorgeous handwriting include:

(The links above lead to Officeworks product pages. I receive no commission or anything for these links, their just pens I like)

Step 5: Learn Traditional Calligraphy to Spruce up Your Handwriting Abilities

I know this seems counter-intuitive. It resembles I’m telling you to run prior to you can stroll. However, I saw vast enhancements with my hand lettering after I studied calligraphy. Knowing how to form letters generally can assist you to comprehend consistency and anatomy.

My recommendation: find out fundamental strokes of brush calligraphy.

Get a calligraphy book that isn’t for pointed-pen calligraphy (I advise Calligraphy for Dummies) and a $1 grid structure book or cheap graph paper. Studying this book assisted me decrease (extremely essential!!) and focusing on consistent letterforms.

Step 6: Lastly, Practice. Practice. Practice.

I can’t stress how important routine practice is! If sprucing up your handwriting seems like a chore to you, try to make it enjoyable:

  • Journal daily– with pen and paper
  • Compose letters to your good friends (since truly, everybody would enjoy receiving a handwritten letter!)
  • Draw up your grocery list as nicely as possible
  • Leave handwritten notes in your kids’ lunches
  • Even sketch notes when listening to a podcast or viewing a YouTube video
  • Start a bullet journal

Even if you can’t dedicate time to daily practice, make it a point to compose neatly for whatever you write down i.e. notes at work or school, filling out forms or signup sheets, etc.

All in all, decrease, focus, and work to find the handwriting style that is finest for you, together with your favoured pen type and paper combination.

What are some ways you’re going to attempt to improve your handwriting?

Townsville Businesses, Thinking About A Rebrand?

Townsville Businesses, Thinking About A Rebrand?

Among the most essential aspects of your company, is your brand name. It can be the difference between instantaneous recognition and getting lost amongst your competitors. So it might be a time for a rebrand.

Many organisations determine their branding when they first start out. However they never really take the time to consider whether that brand name is still working for them.

Almost all well-known brands have refreshed their branding eventually. Even Google, with its recognisable typeface and colour scheme, has actually altered its logo lots of times.

Google Rebrand

Here’s how to choose if it’s time for a rebrand:

Your brand does not reflect who you are or what you do as a company.

Change like this can be natural! In some cases your services or products might develop. Other times it simply does not feel right. Or you just want a make over to your business. It’s okay to let that old brand go!

You’re ashamed of your business card or site.

In the early days, lots of services self-designed or paid for a design template logo. While these can be great to get started, at some point you might want to grow out of it. Especially if when you look at it you wince a little.

Your clients are confused by your branding.

Because they have cultivated substantial brand name acknowledgment over decades, McDonald’s can get away with simply having a huge M as their logo design. If your consumers can’t determine who you are or what you do from your branding, it might be time to get that fixed!

Your geographical place of business has altered.

If your branding includes your area and you expand beyond that area, you are possibly restricting yourself from getting brand-new consumers in those new locations. A business with Australia in its title may have a hard time to get consumers in New Zealand, for example, if they don’t alter their name to show their new market.

You don’t stick out from your competition or your competitors are all rebranding.

If your branding resembles everyone else’s in your market or it’s just a bit dull, you need to think about a rebrand. Potential customers make decision in a few seconds, so standing out is important to drumming up brand-new business.

You are trying to reach a brand-new market.

It’s time to refresh if you’re attempting to bring in a different market than you did originally! What might attract a 25-year old male is not likely to interest a 50+ year old woman. Understanding your market and reflecting them in your branding is important.

If you’ve decided it’s time for a rebrand but you’re not exactly sure how to go about it, talk to me, your graphic designer about your options. A good designer knows the ideal questions to inquire about what your objectives are with your rebrand and can provide you with a variety of options that match those goals.

Don’t let tired branding harm your organisation.

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